Corporate Commentary is an entirely new concept for corporate hosting at golf events.
It provides unrivalled intimacy and immediacy with up-to-the-minute information and
a totally private commentary.

Working with a co-presenter, I guide a group of up to thirty guests through their day, giving them an exclusive commentary, interviews and information surrounding all of the drama and excitement of a championship.



The Service

Our day begins with clients and guests meeting over breakfast, after which they will head out onto the course. We may start at the practice range, watching the best golfers in the world warming up. Where possible we will chat with players and their caddies during their preparation and also feature club and equipment manufacturers that only your clients and guests can hear and enjoy. We will interact with the group throughout the day and use a flexible approach to select the best locations to suit the action at any given time.

The commentary team will then move to the putting and chipping green prior to the players teeing off. Then we will follow a chosen group on the course and there will be full commentary on the action. We will frequently offer additional information on the players the group is following, giving statistics on, for example, recent form and tournament wins, as well as giving regular updates on play elsewhere on the course. After concluding the commentary on the chosen group, the party will adjourn to the hospitality area for lunch. Although clients will probably benefit most from following the group which is being commentated upon, it is entirely possible to move elsewhere on the course to watch other matches while still listening to the entertainment and information on offer.

A similar outing will take place in the afternoon with another group of clients and guests, although we are keen to emphasise the adaptable approach to whatever you would like to do.

I have worked in the TV and radio industry sinse 1990. I am an established member of the Sky Sports golf team, as well as appearing on BBC TV and Radio and on numerous 'on course' radio broadcasts, including working for several years at the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship held in January. I spent many years playing on the European Tour and also played in four Open Championships. As a result I can give your clients a fascinating insight to life as a professional golfer.

My close relationship with many of the players is second to none and this innovative listening experience is unrivalled. As an example of my style, you can listen to me working together with former tour pro Robert Lee on the European Tour podcast every Tuesday.


Technical Information

The technology we use allows a group of clients and guests to listen to commentary. Each guest wears a small, unobtrusive receiver with an earpiece. Depending on the topography of the golf course, they need to remain within anywhere between 200 and 800 metres of the commentary team, allowing them to make their own way at their own speed while still receiving an entertaining and informative commentary. The commentators will be wearing distinctive clothing which allows guests to easily be able to keep the team within their sight.

My associate, Colin Stephen, has worked in the broadcast industry for over thirty years, both as technician and as radio producer. He manages the distribution of equipment, looks after all the technical requirements and provides production back up while the guests are on the course.

Sennheiser microphone for Corporate Commentary   Sennheiser receiver for Corporate Commentary
One of the microphones I use for the corporate commentary   A clip-on receiver typical of those used by the guests


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